Quality in Stainless Steel

Whether it concerns our production methods, the expertise of our team or the finished product that leaves our production facilities: quality is of paramount importance to Mosman Stainless Steel. Our list of certificates is proof of this, but equally important as that is our list of satisfied customers.

In the past the majority of our work consisted of high quality general deliveries, but in the last couple of years  our focus is on producing and expanding know-how of hig quality bulk solid heat exchangers. With over 20 years of knowledge in this specific field of operations under our roof, we are very well capable to deliver top of the line products and solutions which are being used in the widest array of industries; ranging from the processing of crops to the food industry.

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Horizontal Heat Exchangers
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General Deliveries

rapeseed bulk solid equipment

Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers are for example being used in the production of Rapeseed, Urea, KCl.