Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers - Horizontal

A Horizontal Heat Exchanger is used when bulk solids can be mixed with air under perfect conditions, in order to let the solids behave as a fluid. This way solids can be pumped like fluids in fluidized moving beds. The Mosman Horizontal Heat Exchanger can be used to heat or cool bulk solids in an airflow. Placed in an installtion, it can substantially improve productivity. Just like our Vertical Heat Exchangers, the Horizontal Heat Exchangers are being constructed with a slot-manifold system.

General characteristics

Most important advantages of the Mosman Slot Manifold Horizontal Heat Exchangers

  • No caking inside the installation
  • Efficient temperature distribution
  • Minimum of service costs
  • No delicate parts
rapeseed bulk solid equipment

Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers are for example being used in the production of Rapeseed, Urea, KCl.