General Deliveries

Besides our specialty as the producer and inventors of the Slot Manifold Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers, we produce stainless steel finished and semi-finished products at high quality standards. With over 130 years of experience in steel processing, we are one of the most familiar names in the field of high quality general deliveries.

The industries we produce general deliveries for are a.o.:

•  Big Sound silencers for pumping stations at oil rigs
•  Spaces for medicine production and storage
•  Semi-finished products for inert gas-systems in tankers
•  Medical nuclear industry
•  (petro) chemical industry
•  Construction
•  Food industry
•  Animal food industry
•  Offshore industry

General characteristics

Why our customers choose Mosman Stainless Steel for their general deliveries

  • High Quality standards
  • Reliable delivery times
  • Good price-quality-ratio
rapeseed bulk solid equipment

Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers are for example being used in the production of Rapeseed, Urea, KCl.