A detailed design for each individual component, using only the most modern and reliable design and drawing tools: this forms the basis of each and every Mosman heat exchanger.

Mosman has been producing bulk solids heating and cooling solutions for clients and developing extensive know-how of the overall process for many years now. The result: a distinctive process design program that Mosman is continually working to develop. Mosman translates its clients' wishes and requirements into systems that are in compliance with requirements and producible too. 

Advanced 3D CAD software enables Mosman to produce precise system drawings, in a three-dimensional format. Strength calculations are made at an early stage in the engineering process, aided by the finite element methods (FEM), where necessary.

The advantage for you: reliable designs that comply with your requirements and wishes and with all current guidelines too. 

From process design to detailed design

Knowledge and experience are important, but a well-thought-out and traceable engineering process is just as important. Mosman uses your order details to produce a detailed process design, which also specifies the materials and sizes applicable. The design is then translated into a General Arrangement Drawing (GAD) that incorporates and depicts the specifications requested. The detailed design is based on a bill of materials and the detailed and production drawings. Should you so require, our certified welding inspectors (CWIs) will produce a detailed welding plan in compliance with current standards and your specifications. 

Overall chain management is in good hands with Mosman. If you have already completed part of the design or production process yourself, Mosman will be pleased to finish the remainder for you. Its engineers are able to come up with a custom-made solution to any issue, regardless of its stage of development. If you would like to achieve maximum benefit from the added value on offer, please don't hesitate to contact us.