Mosman supplies high-quality products and solutions. Its many unit operations, qualified welding processes and welders enable it to keep the entire production and assembly process in-house. Mosman welders ensure that you benefit from both skill and quality.

Mosman specializes in the production of stainless steel equipment. A number of unit operations and production facilities are in place in its 4,000-m2 factory, including sawing, bending and trimming, shearing and cutting, welding, pickling and passivating and glass pearl blasting. Mosman produces, amongst other things, bulk solids heat exchangers and pillow-plate products.

The intellectual property rights to everything produced belong to Mosman, which bears full process responsibility too.

Mosman welcomes custom-made production orders based on your drawings and design too. It can offer clients the benefit of flexibility, the ability to adapt and our services as an advisor. For more information about Mosman's specific welding qualifications, see the section on quality assurance

Laser welding machine

A three-axis CNC-controlled laser welding machine, designed and produced by Mosman, is used to weld pillow plates. The sheet material is secured by clamps on both sides of the weld, after which a fully automatic weld is created. This ensures that the quality of welding is high and very consistent. The machine is fully programmable, easy to operate and comes with its own pre-installed software.

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