Heat exchangers for bulk materials

Mosman's bulk solid heat exchanger is used worldwide to heat or cool free-flowing bulk goods. As a final process step, to cool down the end product, or as an intermediate step, to preheat the product. With an ingenious, proprietary design, the Mosman heat exchanger is an ideal solution for these processes. The bulk solid heat exchangers have a modular product structure, based on first-class pillow plates developed by Mosman. These pillow plates are assembled in one or more plate banks, between which the bulk goods to be cooled or heated flow. These are brought to the desired temperature by the heat exchange medium - mainly water, steam or thermal oils - that flows through the cavities of the pillow plates.

Energy-efficient and highly efficient cooling

In particular, hygroscopic bulk materials must be sufficiently cooled down at the end of the process to prevent moisture accumulation during storage. Or to bring the bulk goods up to a manageable temperature. This cooling takes place in a Mosman heat exchanger in an energy-efficient and highly efficient manner. The pillow plates in the Mosman heat exchanger are brought to a cold temperature by the heat exchanging medium - often water - that flows through the blown in plaques. Because the bulk goods to be cooled flow along the pillow plates in a "mass flow" at the same speed everywhere, there is homogenous cooling.

Heat exchangers for homogeneous heating

Some bulk solids need to be heated as part of the overall process. For the (pre)heating of these bulk solids, the Mosman bulk solid heat exchanger is the ideal solution. In order to get the bulk solids to the right temperature, they are indirectly heated in the Mosman heat exchanger using in-house manufactured pillow plates. The clever design of the installation guarantees an even, proportional flow, so that all particles of the bulk goods are in contact with the pillow plates for the same length of time. The result: homogeneous heating, resulting in a well preheatedproduct as input for the next process step.


For many free-flowing bulk goods, drying is a common step in the production process. This is necessary to prevent the products from caking or even dissolving again during cooling, further transport or storage. By efficiently and indirectly exchanging heat via pillow plates, and dehumidifying via cleverly introduced dry air, the Mosman heat exchanger is a perfect support in the drying process.

This indirect method of heating or cooling is up to 90% more energy efficient than direct heat exchange.


The Mosman bulk heat exchanger lends itself perfectly to a large number of products, such as:

How does a bulk solid heat exchanger work?

The bulk material is distributed over the pillow plates in a hopper, in which the filling and flow rate are also measured with a level indicator. In order to obtain an equal temperature for the bulk material, a proportional flow over the entire surface of the heat exchanger is necessary. This "mass flow" is created with a specially designed outlet, which ensures that all parts of the bulk material flows through the heat exchanger at the same speed and are, therefore, in contact with the pillow plates for the same length of time. A temperature sensor in the product outlet ensures that the bulk material has the desired temperature when it leaves the heat exchanger. The Mosman heat exchanger therefore consists of only two independent control circuits: one for the flow of the bulk material and one for the temperature of the bulk material. The result is an easily operated and controllable system.

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No condensation

In order to prevent condensation during the cooling of the bulk goods, purge air is injected if necessary. This absorbs excess moisture, which can otherwise cause unwanted blockages. The necessary internals and connection flanges are provided as standard for this purpose, so that you will not be faced with any surprises afterwards and can be flexible in the use of the exchanger.

Mosman supplies the complete system

If required, Mosman supplies the complete system: the heat exchanger, the closed loop cooling system, purge air supply and a central control cabinet, for centralised control and security. Mosman can also ease you in the supply and removal of your bulk goods at the exchanger via conveyor belts and bulk goods lifts. Mosman can also assist you with the on-site installation and commissioning of these systems.

Simple to install and easy to maintain

A Mosman heat exchanger is easy to keep clean, without having to open the installation. This is done using the standard spray nozzles and supply lines. These only need to be connected to the water supply. Thanks to the heat exchanger's modular construction, it is easy to install and commission. The installation has fewer moving parts than comparable exchangers, which contributes to safety and reliability.

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