In the final phase of the treatment process, fertilizer must be cooled down sufficiently to reduce the product to a manageable temperature. This process step also makes it possible to avoid moisture accumulation during storage, as fertilizer is a hygroscopic product.

Mosman heat exchangers are the ideal solution if fertilizer needs to be cooled down. This is thanks, in particular, to the slot-manifold construction developed by Mosman, which stops caking spots from forming, behind which fertilizer could then get stuck. Mosman heat exchangers can also be used to heat fertilizer up to a higher temperature, making it possible, in a later step, to apply a coating to the fertilizer and delay the release of nutrients. 

The fertilizer flows slowly and gradually between the pillow plates of the heat exchanger, which heat or cool the bulk solids, depending on the nature of the process step. The bulk solids are distributed over the pillow plates in the hopper. A level indicator measures the fill height and flow rate in the hopper too. An outlet designed especially for this purpose allows bulk solids to flow everywhere at the same rate resulting in all particles being in contact with the pillow plates for the same length of time. This indirect heating or cooling is far more efficient and cleaner than direct heating or cooling (with air, for example).

Why Mosman?

Mosman supplies high-quality, engineered and client-specific solutions that are geared entirely towards its clients' treatment processes: heating, cooling and drying bulk solids.

  • The best design for bulk solids heat exchangers
  • In-house engineering and production
  • Proven performance in various industries
  • A certified welding company with qualified welding methods

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