The term 'biosolids' covers all bulk solids with an organic origin. These include wood pellets, rapeseed and torrefied biomass (also referred to as bio-coal), which are often converted into bio-fuel or other valuable products. Examples of these thermal processes are prior pre-heating and post-cooling, energy-saving and quality-enhancing steps.

One process component that might involve the use of biosolids is a reaction step at a high temperature. For example, pyrolysis or gasification in a fluid-bed or fixed-bed reactor. In many of these processes, the energy in the reactor is also used to heat the biosolids to the temperature required. However, this results in large or larger temperature gradients in the reactor and, as such, to a greater reaction volume and a lower-quality end product. The temperature fluctuations make the process more difficult to control too and are accompanied by varying capacities or the changing temperature of the biosolids input.

Preheating biosolids has a strong positive impact on these processes. Because the reactor is no longer used as a pre-heater, it does not need to be as big as it would otherwise have to be. Given the smaller temperature differences and the possibility to monitor the temperature of the bulk-solids input, quality and controllability improve too.

Mosman can also help you to achieve an appropriate heater design for these bulk solids. The entire process can safely be optimized even further by choosing the right heat-exchanging medium and appropriate input and output temperatures.

The Mosman bulk solids heat exchanger can also be used to cool the product flow (further) before further transport and storage.

The unique design of the Mosman bulk solids heat exchanger, which features just welded joints, makes it ideal for these applications. For instance, it makes it possible to control contact with oxygen and moisture from the ambient air and even eliminate it completely; possibilities include purging with oxygen or other process-support gases, without any risk of them escaping into the workplace. The Mosman concept - part of which is the Mosman Slot Manifold technology - is unique in this respect.

Why Mosman?

Mosman supplies high-quality, engineered and client-specific solutions that are geared entirely towards its clients' treatment processes: heating, cooling and drying bulk solids.

  • The best design for bulk solids heat exchangers
  • In-house engineering and production
  • Proven performance in various industries
  • A certified welding company with qualified welding methods

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