Pillow plates, custom made

Pillow plates

Pillow plates are heat exchanger plates that are frequently used for industrial cooling and heating of free-flowing bulk goods in tanks, such as milk tanks, wine tanks and beer tanks. As a certified welding company, Mosman has a great deal of experience in the engineering and production of high-quality and customer-specific pillow plates, developed with the aid of its own production facilities.

Single sided or double sided pillow plates

The Mosman pillow plates consist of two sheets welded together, between which a hollow space is blown up with high pressure. A heat exchange medium, such as water, glycol, steam, thermal oil or a liquid and gaseous refrigerant, is passed through this. In this way, the plates cool or heat your products.

You can choose between two types of pillow plates: single embossed pillow plates and double embossed pillow plates. With single-embossed pillow plates, one side of the welded plates remains completely flat after inflation. This flat side is suitable for hygienic surfaces on the inside of a tank. Double-embossed pillow plates have pillows (dimples) on both sides, so that heat is transferred on both sides. These pillow plates are mainly used in complete cooling or heating installations, such as Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers, falling film chillers, immersion coolers and ice tanks.

Mosman has its own production line with a laser welding machine, with which pillow plates are produced entirely according to the customer's wishes. All common and corrosion-resistant stainless steel types are used, depending on the application. The pillow plates are blown up to customer specifications using our own embossing platform. Preformed pillow plates can also be produced by Mosman. Together, we look for the best customised solution for your business.

Benefits of pillow plates

  • Mosman's pillow plates are manufactured from two sheets that are welded on top of each other using a computer-controlled in-house laser welding machine. This allows the pillow plates to be produced entirely to size, with all desired shapes, cut-outs, fastening points and connections. In addition, you save on material costs.
  • The welding pattern of the Mosman pillow plates guarantees high turbulence and heat transfer.
  • Due to the higher turbulence there is also a reduced deposition of lime, algae, etc.
  • Mosman's pillow plates have a low volume, which reduces the need for cooling or heating agents. As a result, less pumping power is also required.

Applications pillow plates

Mosman's pillow plates are frequently used for a variety of applications in the food industry, process industry and chemical industry, among others. Below you will find an overview of the most common applications. Is your application not included? Please contact our engineers to discuss your requirements. We will be happy to provide you with a customer-specific solution.

  • Cooling of beer tanks
  • Cooling of wine tanks
  • Cooling of milk tanks
  • Cooling and/or heating of process tanks
  • Cooling and/or heating of screw conveyors
  • Cooling and/or heating of flat surfaces
  • Cooling and/or heating of vessels
  • Cooling and/or heating of baths
  • Cooling and/or heating of silos by means of jacket plates
  • Heating heads of extruders (extruders)
  • Cooling of condenser plates
  • Heating of drying installations
  • Heat exchangers
  • Heizplatten

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Why Mosman?

Mosman supplies high-quality, engineered and client-specific solutions that are geared entirely towards its clients' treatment processes: heating, cooling and drying bulk solids.

  • The best design for bulk solids heat exchangers
  • In-house engineering and production
  • Proven performance in various industries
  • A certified welding company with qualified welding methods

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