Mosman is a reliable partner for the production of stainless metal semi-finished products and finished products too and is pleased to share its thoughts and ideas and go through calculations with you. A Mosman team is on hand to help you with any projects that require custom-made solutions. It has a second-to-none understanding of both working and construction drawings and the appropriate treatment methods.


Mosman's 4,000-m2 factory houses operation units, processing facilities and all of the welding qualities necessary to help you achieve the custom-made solutions required, in line with your wishes and specifications. Mosman is able to provide you with the support you need at competitive prices, aided by the processing facilities below. Download the leaflet for all treatment facility specifications.

General facilities Welding facilities


Strips, angle irons and other profiles for your ultimate construction are all sawn from plate material. Mosman uses a Bomar 510.330 transverse bandsaw and a Kaltenbach KKS400E circular saw for this purpose. These saws are able to cut a diameter of 500 mm and 200 mm respectively.


Mosman is a certified welding company and has the knowledge and capacity necessary for much of the welding work that clients require. The equipment used includes a three-axis CNC-controlled laser welding machine, developed and produced by Mosman. This machine creates fully automatic welding joints, resulting in a high and very consistent quality of welding.


This transformation technique is used to bend flat sheet materials into a cylindrical shape. This involves the use of a number of rotating rollers, which apply the pressure necessary to make sure that the sheet material has the radius required. This processing technique is often used as part of the silo, boiler, tank and hull production process.


This production technique is used to convert two-dimensional sheet materials into three-dimensional sheet materials and makes it possible to reduce the number of welding joints necessary. When shaping sheet material, Mosman uses two press brakes with a maximum width of 4300 mm and 225 tons of compression force.


Cutting is a production process in which two shearing blades are used to separate two sheet sections. Cutting is a fast and cheap method for simple contours and low-number orders in particular, because of which it continues to be an attractive sheet-metal working technique.

Pickling and passivating

A treatment process may be responsible for chrome-depleted zones and metal contamination in the surface of stainless metal, making it more susceptible to corrosion. By pickling and passivating metal, the oxide layer is restored and corrosion-resistance returned to its former level.

Glass pearl blasting

The surface of stainless metal can be improved by glass pearl blasting it in the Mosman blast cabinet. Crushed glass pearls are sprayed onto the untreated surface under high pressure, resulting in an even surface, free of any welding discoloration and oxidation layers. The speed of this process makes glass pearl blasting a cheap alternative to grinding and polishing.


This machining processing-technique involves the use of a fast-rotating cutter to remove excess metal. The surface required is achieved by moving the cutter across the surface of the metal in the appropriate direction. Unlike other processing techniques, milling changes both the shape of the material and its mass too. This technique is ideal for many different applications. For example, surface milling and the creation of chamfers and bevels.


This is another machining process. Unlike milling, the equipment does not rotate, but the metal being machined. Once secured to a lathe, the rotating metal is machined by a cutter that moves along the metal. The Mosman Ursus 225 lathe machines material to the shape required. Having a relatively big spindle bore, the lathe is able to reduce the trade length of a pipe with a maximum diameter of 105 mm and then immediately add a bevel to it.

Why Mosman?

Mosman supplies high-quality, engineered and client-specific solutions that are geared entirely towards its clients' treatment processes: heating, cooling and drying bulk solids.

  • The best design for bulk solids heat exchangers
  • In-house engineering and production
  • Proven performance in various industries
  • A certified welding company with qualified welding methods

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