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About us

Mosman supplies high-quality, engineered and client-specific solutions that are geared entirely towards its clients' treatment processes: heating, cooling and drying free-flowing bulk solids. All of this inspired by the same passion: our love of heating, cooling and drying.

Quality and client-focus are key to business operations at Mosman. Mosman is pleased to share its thoughts and ideas with you and suggest improvements where possible. It is this approach that enables Mosman to supply you with the best system possible for your specific needs. Our solutions have won the confidence of the international food, oil, gas and petrochemical industries in particular. Mosman takes full process responsibility for the heating and cooling of your free-flowing bulk solids. It’s this that gives its clients the peace of mind they need.

Production takes place in an efficient, well-organized factory, where technical specialists from a number of unit operations work with high and low alloy stainless steel. Work is carried out in accordance with the strictest standards and in line with client specifications. Process and product quality is secured by adhering to the strict QA and QC policy in place at Mosman. This includes a strong ERP package, stringent checks on incoming products and the products produced and the traceability of all components.