Energy-efficient and very economical


Hygroscopic bulk solids, in particular, need to be cooled down sufficiently after the treatment process to avoid moisture accumulation during storage. Cooling is often necessary to make sure that the temperature of bulk solids is reduced to a manageable level. The Mosman heat exchanger makes both possible in an energy efficient and very economical manner.

A Mosman heat exchanger cools bulk solids indirectly, aided by pillow plates produced by Mosman itself. The temperature of these pillow plates is reduced by the heat-exchanging medium – often water – which flows through the plate channels. Because the bulk solids flow past the pillow plates in a so-called mass flow at the same rate everywhere, homogeneous cooling is achieved.

This indirect cooling of bulk solids is up to 90% more energy-efficient than direct air cooling would be. The system also has a smaller energy footprint than air coolers, as the volume of water is less than the volume of air. The expensive airs filters necessary in fluid bed coolers are not needed either.

No condensation

To avoid condensation while cooling bulk solids, purge air is injected if necessary. This ensures that excess moisture, which might otherwise be responsible for unwanted caking and blockages, is absorbed. The necessary internals and connection flanges are provided as standard. This avoids any unpleasant surprises at a later date and enables you to be flexible in your use of the heat exchanger. See the 'Drying' page for more information about this method.

Other advantages

Mosman uses an innovative, integrated design to supply heat-exchanging medium to the heat exchanger. With its welded connections, no moisture or dust is able to enter the system and the pillow plates are distributed evenly. This simple design minimizes the risk of caking and allows the pillow plates to be mounted securely, because of which they are unable to bend or move. Read more about Slot Manifold technology here.

Mosman can supply the entire system if required: the heat exchanger, the closed loop cooling system, the purge air supply and a central control cabinet, for centralized control and protection. Mosman is also able to help you feed your bulk solids to and from the heat exchanger, via conveyor belts and lifts for bulk solids. Finally, Mosman can assist with the on-site installation and commissioning of these systems too. See the product page for the bulk solids heat exchanger for information about other advantages.