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A German chemicals group asked Mosman to supply it with a cooler for colored plastic granulate; various colors were to pass through the cooler successively. The granulate was to be cooled from 80 °C to 30 °C, with a capacity of at least 2500 kg/hour. Given the nature of the granulate to be cooled down - a dye - it was essential that no particles would be left behind when emptying the cooler and before changing color. Naturally, special attention was to be paid to this requirement.

The Mosman bulk solids heat exchanger is the ideal solution for these specific requirements. The absence of horizontal surfaces and the fully welded joints for cooling water made it possible to ensure that no particles would be left behind and/or that no dye or dust could enter the heat exchanger from outside while in operation. This unique Mosman design is characterized by the full-welding of the edges of the heat-exchanging pillow plates, because of which they are round and do not feature a split in which dust or other unwanted substances could accumulate.

Mosman pillow plates – with treble-welded and rounded end-seal

Mosman is also proud to offer clients its Mosman Slot Manifold construction, which is unique because of its welded joints for cooling-water connections. Unlike standard flexible joints, it does not allow moisture or dust to penetrate into the heat exchanger through its side wall. Standard flexible joints not only increase the risk of caking, but, far more importantly for this application: flexible connections are accompanied by the potential for the contamination and discoloration of the raw material. The Mosman Slot Manifold construction does not have these disadvantages. It also minimizes the number of internal surfaces with its integrated construction of plate support, spacers and cooling medium flow. These functions are separate in the designs, customary in the rest of the market, which results in more (horizontal) surfaces for the bulk solids to come into contact with and to be left behind on.

The characteristics of the Mosman heat exchanger design enabled Mosman to win the order. The heat exchanger produced featured two plate banks, the plates in which were staggered to ensure the optimal homogeneous cooling of the bulk solids. Special attention was paid to making sure that horizontal surfaces were avoided wherever possible.

Granulate cooler – from initial concept to final product.

The cooler was ordered on July 31, 2013 and was delivered on November 1 of the same year. From order to delivery in just three months: the client was very happy. Besides fast delivery, the client was very pleased with the quality of the heat exchanger and the good communication; the specialist who purchased the heat exchanger on behalf of the client was particularly pleased with the quality of the product, especially given what he was used to in the market. 

The cooler has been in use for a number of years now, without any problems and to the full satisfaction of the client.

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