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Mosman heat exchangers are characterised by their special technology. A characteristic of the Mosman heat exchangers is that they are made of pillow plates. As a result, liquid, highly viscous liquids and gases can easily flow through the heat exchanger. This reduces the risk of caking, simplifies maintenance and ensures optimum performance.

Mosman designs and manufactures heat exchangers with its own production facilities and quality controls. As a result, you are assured of a high-quality installation that is tailored entirely to the specific demand. Our innovative and unique heat exchangers are suitable for a large number of applications, including bulk, surface water and liquids and gases.

The unique characteristics of our heat exchangers

  • Reduced risk of caking
  • Up to 90% more energy-efficient than direct heating or cooling
  • Easy access
  • High quality cooling, heating and drying
  • Modular design, i.e. easy to install, assemble, commission and maintain

Heat exchangers for heating

A heat exchanger is ideally suited for heating liquids and (highly viscous) products. Thanks to an ingenious design and innovative systems, Mosman's heat exchangers are an ideal solution for processing processes where heating and (pre-)heating play a role.

Heat exchanger for cooling

Cooling is important in many processes. This may involve the cooling of gases, liquids, products or machines, but also the cooling of buildings and homes. Mosman develops and produces heat exchangers that are suitable for all kinds of applications where process cooling is involved.

Heat exchanger for energy recovery

Industrial residual heat is extremely suitable as an energy source. With a heat exchanger, energy and heat released during production processes can be recovered and utilised. Wastewater, surface water and effluent water can also be used as a source of energy. Mosman engineers, builds and supplies heat exchangers for heat recovery and energy production.

Mosman Manifold: optimum performance through unique construction

The heat exchange medium flows through the pillow plates thanks to a unique and innovative construction: the Mosman Slot Manifold. The result is a certified, compact and leak-tight design, which minimises risks of caking, clogging and fouling. The fixed connection between the pillow plates and the connection pipe also acts as a plate support. This eliminates the need for a separate construction. Moreover, this construction guarantees a very constant plate spacing.

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