Efficient drying


Indirect heat exchange technology by Solex Thermal Science avoids the use of hot air and instead uses a combination of advanced plate heat exchange technology to provide the heat source and independent sweep air to remove the moisture.

Free-flowing bulk solids pass slowly downward between a series of vertical hollow heat exchanger plates while hot water, steam (or waste heat) flow within the plates to indirectly heat the material and evaporate moisture from the product. Only a small amount of sweep air is used to remove moisture from the product.

A mass flow discharge device controls the rate of flow through the unit and ensures a first-in, first-out sequence. As gravity is the mechanism that slowly moves the bed of material, the end result is a product with a stable and uniform final temperature.

Complex thermal modeling calculations guarantee precise discharge temperature control and further ensures the product temperature is optimal.

Solex's indirect heat exchange technology can play a supporting role in these processes, whether by aiding the heating process, or by providing efficient cooling once the drying step has been completed.

With its efficient and indirect exchange of heat via pillow plates and dehumidification via the smart use of dry air, Solex heat exchange technology can be the ideal aid for the drying process. Whether when heating or pre-heating free-flowing bulk solids or cooling them down.

Improved efficiency and control

Solex indirect drying and conditioning technology greatly reduces air-flow requirements by increasing the saturation point and the moisture-carrying capacity, returning much better efficiencies and improved process control. Efficiency of this technology is greater than 90%.

Waste heat reutilization

Because the product is heated indirectly, waste heat from elsewhere in your facility can be used as a heat source – without the need for air scrubbing equipment. When waste heat is used, the dryer operates with minimal new energy consumption - operating nearly for free.

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