No caking


Drying is a normal step in the product process for many types of free-flowing bulk solids. For example, urea and sugar are both the product of a liquid phase, during which any water remaining in and between the formed grains must be reduced to a minimum. This is necessary to avoid caking or even the redissolution of the products when being cooled, transported or stored. 

Hot, dry air is used to dry the product in most processes. As you probably know, hot air is able to absorb far more moisture before condensation occurs than cold air is. Also, a lot of energy is needed to extract moisture from hygroscopic bulk solids in particular: as the name suggests, these substances tend to attract water. This is another reason why the drying process can be accelerated significantly by carrying it out at a higher temperature. 

The Mosman bulk solids heat exchanger can play a supporting role in these processes, whether by aiding the heating process, or by providing efficient cooling once the drying step has been completed.

With its efficient and indirect exchange of heat via pillow plates and dehumidification via the smart use of dry air, the Mosman heat exchanger can be the ideal aid for the drying process. Whether when heating or pre-heating free-flowing bulk solids or cooling them down. 


The indirect cooling or heating of bulk solids in a Mosman heat exchanger with pillow plates yields a significant improvement in the moisture absorption capacity of purge air. The amount of purge air required can be calculated in advance and then be optimized during commissioning. This facilitates precise and efficient moisture control. Given the minimum amount of purge air required, this method is more energy-efficient too.

Easy operation

All pipes, nozzles and other internals necessary for the supply of purge air are provided as standard with every Mosman heat exchanger. The same applies for connection flanges, because of which you won't find yourself confronted with (expensive) unpleasant surprises at a later date. Users will find that it is very easy to deliver purge air. Attachment of the relevant connection is all that is necessary to ensure that the system is dried in an economical and energy-efficient manner. The airtight connections typical of the Mosman heat exchanger mean that no dust, bacteria or other external dirt is able to enter the system when delivering purge air. As a result, minimum access to the system is necessary when carrying out maintenance work on a Mosman heat exchanger, which helps to keep your employees safe too. For more advantages, see the product page for the Mosman bulk solids heat exchanger.