Some bulk solids require heating as part of the overall treatment process. The Mosman bulk solids heat exchanger offers clients far-reaching solutions for the heating and pre-heating of these bulk solids.
To ensure that bulk solids are at the temperature required, the Mosman pillow plates in the Mosman heat exchanger are used to heat these solids indirectly. The channels of these pillow plates are filled with the heat-exchanging medium, which may be water, condensing steam or thermal oil. Another alternative is a water-glycol mix, in situations where the ambient temperature could fall to below freezing.
The smart design of the system ensures an even and proportional flow, because of which every particle of the bulk solids is in contact with the pillow plates for the same length of time. The result: homogeneous heating, which ensures that the product is pre-heated properly before serving as input for the next process step.
This indirect heating method makes the Mosman heat exchanger up to 90% more energy efficient than a standard air heater.

No caking 

An innovative, integrated, air-tight design is used to feed the heat-exchanging medium into the heat exchanger. This eliminates the need for hose connections, which minimizes the risk of moisture accumulation from outside the heat exchanger. Read more about Slot Manifold technology here.


The Mosman heat exchanger is easy to keep clean. The spray nozzles and supply pipes, supplied as standard, are simply connected up to the water supply. There is no need to open the system itself, which keeps the heat exchanger clean and ensures that the need for physical access to the system is kept to a minimum. This also helps to keep your employees safe. The modular nature of the heat exchanger makes it easy to install and commission. The system also has fewer moving parts than similar heat exchangers, which contributes to safety and reliability too. For more advantages, see the product page for the bulk solids heat exchanger.