New leadership at Mosman reinforces path forward

Mosman Stainless Steel is excited to announce three additions to its senior leadership team that will strengthen the company, but also in their role alongside Solex Thermal Science as partner in heat exchange and stainless-steel fabrication solutions.

Effectively immediately, Harry Nijkamp (Director Operations), Jan Steenhuis (Director Sales), and Ilse Lansink (Director Finance & HR) will assume the leadership of Mosman.

Solex and Mosman joined together in late 2019 as partners after investments by private equity firm Anders Invest B.V. Today, the integration of these two globally recognized brands offers customers with made-to-order solutions from a world-class integrated producer of thermal exchange and stainless-steel fabrication that is backed by more than 150 years of combined experience.

The new management of Mosman consists of:

Jan Steenhuis, Director Sales

Jan has overseen sales at Mosman for more three years. He brings more than 30 years of experience in sales and service within several different industries such as ventilation, burners, machine-building and industrial automation.

“Say what you do, and do what you say: Customers deserve and expect the highest quality, state-of-the-art technology, a fair price and to be treated fairly. These have always been my personal core values, but they are also deeply rooted in Mosman's very long history. In our close partnership with Solex, we recognize the same core values, and together we will hold on to them moving forward.”

Ilse Lansink, Director Finance & HR

Ilse has spent the past six years at Mosman, having previously worked in the defence and employment industries. In her current role, she oversees finance and human resources for Mosman.

“My keywords are reliability, quality, responsibility and fun. If we continue this within Mosman, we don't have to worry about the future. I look forward to a closer collaboration with Solex, and am convinced that the closer co-operation will makes us both even more successful.”

Harry Nijkamp, Director Operations

Harry brings more than 25 years in the manufacturing, food processing and chemical industries to his work at Mosman. He has a deep familiar with equipment fabricated to PED or ASME standards. In his current role, Harry is responsible for Mosman’s workshop, as well as all engineering, planning, material purchasing, quality control and IT.

“I am looking forward to improving productivity, quality and safety at our facility in Haaksbergen and through all aspects of our operations as a team, and as partners with Solex.”

The management change is partly the result of the departure of Cees Van Noort who has stepped down from his role as Managing Director at Mosman. We wish him every success in his future activities.

New leadership at Mosman reinforces path forward

Effectively immediately, Harry Nijkamp (Operations), Jan Steenhuis (Sales), and Ilse Lansink (Finance, Human Resources) will assume the leadership of Mosman.

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Mosman has obtained ASME U-Stamp certification!

Obtaining the ASME U-Stamp certificate is proof that our pressure vessels also meet the very high ASME standards.

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Mosman's production facilities are open as usual in order to be able to continue to supply our customers with products in the best possible way.

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