Globally proven heat exchange technology offered by Solex Thermal Science can uniformly heat bulk solids to temperatures of up to 700°C while using up to 90% less energy, producing near-zero emissions and using a significantly smaller installation footprint than traditional methods.

Heating is achieved by conduction as steam, hot water or thermal oil flows through the stainless-steel pillow plates. A mass flow discharge device controls the rate of flow through the unit and ensures a first-in, first-out sequence. As gravity is the mechanism that slowly moves the bed of material, the end result is a product with a stable and uniform final temperature.

Because the heat exchange medium flows counter-currently inside the plates, it never touches the product and thereby avoids both product contamination and attrition. Complex thermal modeling calculations guarantee precise discharge temperature control and further ensures the product temperature is optimal.

This indirect heating of bulk solids is up to 90% more energy-efficient than direct air cooling.

Improved efficiency

By relying on conduction instead of convection (e.g. air cooling) to heat bulk solids, Solex technology eliminates the use of high-energy consumption fans and other components, and thereby reduces energy consumption by up to 90% when compared with conventional fluid beds and rotary drums.

Reduced maintenance

Solex technology is designed to operate without moving parts, offering simple installation, virtually zero maintenance and years of reliable operation. The custom design and easy access to the heat transfer areas and individual plates for cleaning or replacement reduces downtime and lowers overall maintenance expenses.

For more benefits, please visit the Bulk by Solex product page.